7 Custom Home Features we Adore

Custom home feature

The home is where the heart is, so why not adorn it with the best money can buy! Bringing your custom twist to the interior of your home is a great way to spruce it up and personalize it to your own aesthetic and taste. We have compiled a list of 7 custom home features that we adore, and you will surely love too.

Walk-In Closets

What better way to use space in your bedroom or near your bathroom than building yourself a custom walk-in closet. It provides you with oodles of additional storage for your clothes and other wearables. Still, it also allows you to organize your space better and provides an extra layer of privacy and security. Not only will this make your life easier, but this custom feature will also make your space cleaner and more organized.

Washer And Dryer in Dedicated Room

This will make laundry much easier to do and free up space it would have taken up elsewhere in your house. Adding a laundry room will also substantially add value to your home.

Maximized Storage Space in Kitchen

Modern living at its best calls for a home with as less clutter as possible. Everything has a place, and no surface is littered. In such cases, cabinets in kitchens with clean lines and attention to detail while making would be the perfect fit for your home. Open shelves or full-faced slab flat fronts of cabinets would do wonders to add to the clean yet spacious look of your kitchen.

Simple Modern Gable Roof Plan

Long seen within the annals of history, this modern gable roof plan, and design is not going out of style anytime soon. Not only does it provide additional floor space with the extra volume it takes up (for a loft or an attic space), with additional windows, it would be a great way for natural light to enter the house space.

Large Windows or Window Walls

A well-built house needs to balance nature outside as much as it needs to decorate the inside. To appreciate nature and be able to witness its beauty while still within the confines of one’s own home is one of the many luxuries that window walls could afford you. These types of windows allow large amounts of natural sunlight into the home and allow one to take in the scenes of nature outside. Not only are they incredibly aesthetically pleasing in terms of design and look, but they also provide the great utility with the amount of natural light they let in.

Kitchen Wall Tiles with a Pop of Personality

While a clean countertop with sleekly designed cabinet and storage spaces are great for a kitchen, the addition of beautiful tiles on the kitchen walls would be just the pop of color that would add personality to your kitchen. Rather than sticking to the generic cream or one-tone wall, consider covering your kitchen walls with several small colorful mosaic tiles. This pop of color will surely make your house feel more like home.

Add in a Patio

Considered one of the best investments one could make to increase the value of their home, a patio would be a great custom addition. If you’re not looking to sell, that’s A-okay! Patios are great outdoor areas to relax when guests come around or when the 4th of July rolls around, and the grills are fired up. They provide an outdoor area where all the best family memories are made, and on a hot summer day, one can easily take solace in its welcoming shade.

Custom additions to a home are often expensive endeavors, but more often than not, they are always worth the time and the expenditure. Adding custom features takes your home from merely a place you live up to the level of a place you can thrive in. They are great investments that add value to your house if you happen to sell it in the future and make living a lot more convenient.

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