Why Choose Liongate Residential Home Renovation?

Sometimes you don’t need to construct a brand new home to get the space of your dreams. A home renovation can transform your current living space into something as extraordinary as you. At Liongate Builders, we bring our years of experience to bear on your renovation project, no matter how big or small it might be. And, as our fully licensed and insured teams transform your home, we focus on impeccable craftsmanship and quality that will stand the test of time.

Innovative Solutions

We approach every obstacle as an opportunity to discover a new, beautiful way to create a space that fits your needs.

Exceptional Designs

Beauty and functionality work together in designs created with your family, lifestyle, and needs in mind.

Customized Planning

We tailor our designs to each client’s individual needs, land, and community, because your home should reflect your way of life.

Unmatched Personal Attention

Superior service, quality, and design are the result of meticulous attention to every detail throughout every step of the process.

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    Full Service Residential Home Renovation

    Does the complexity of the home renovation process make you nervous? Don’t be. At Liongate Builders, we expertly guide you through every single step. Let our teams handle everything from designing your new space to perfectly fit into the space you have to implementing finishes that meld perfectly into your style.

    Let us help you with everything, including

    • Renovation designs
    • Permitting
    • Demolition
    • Construction
    • Finishes
    • And more

    There is a reason we are a highly-rated builder across the RGV. We take care of every obstacle with experience, knowledge, innovation and a client-first approach that gets the job done – Well.

    Form and Function Tailored to You

    A home renovation has to fulfill three requirements: (1 Meeting the lifestyle of the family who will live there, (2 Meeting the design desires of that same family, and (3 Fitting seamlessly into the existing home’s design. We do all three with extraordinary customer service that puts your vision front and center, exceptional planning that makes your renovation a natural part of your existing space, and extraordinary craftsmanship that delivers beauty and functionality that will last forever.


    Your existing home’s style and your own preferences will guide your renovation. Let us meld both to ensure that you get a space that you love and that looks like it fits into your existing home. The best renovations are those that don’t look like additions but stunning parts of the home you already have.


    Maybe you need a lot of bedrooms for a big crowd of kids. Maybe you want a huge, upscale kitchen for endless dinner parties. Or maybe you dream of a separate suite for your parents. Our expert teams bring your vision to life, with materials and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

    Innovative Building Solutions

    Every renovation will encounter challenges. We specialize in overcoming them. At Liongate, our decades of experience and creative team enable us to find innovative solutions to even the stickiest reno problems. In our years of constructing commercial and residential spaces, there are few problems we have not encountered – And solved. Even unforeseen problems dissolve in the face of our meticulous attention to detail and out-of-the-box thinking. That is why our clients can renovate with peace of mind.