Why Choose Liongate Land Clearing Services?

Removing unwanted materials and obstacles from your land is an important first step in any residential or commercial building project. Liongate’s expert team is ready to apply their years of knowledge, innovative solutions, and heavy equipment to prepare your land for your intended use. How can we benefit you?

Appropriate Equipment

Our fleet of equipment, including bulldozer to tractors, stump grinders to excavators, stand ready to supply the labor and power you need to remove everything from brush to massive trees from your property.


When we undertake a land clearing project, we also take on the permitting and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. That means total peace of mind for you.


We have successfully cleared land for everything from residential projects to major commercial developments. We are ready and willing to handle any obstacle or complexity for you.

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    Land clearing.

    Full-Service Land Clearing

    Our team of experts is prepared to take on projects of any size. Trust us to apply our expertise, equipment, innovation, and client-centered approach to any of the following projects, regardless of complexity:

    • Right-of-Way Preparation
    • Commercial Land Clearing
    • Residential Plots
    • Residential Developments
    • Telecommunications Installation
    • Environmental Clean Up
    • Farming Preparation
    • And More

    Before we begin a land clearing project, we listen carefully to your intended use of the land and take into consideration applicable laws and regulations. Then we develop a plan that customizes your project to your needs while remaining compliant and leaving you with land that is ready for the next step in your project.

    Intelligent Project Planning

    While land clearing may look like the simple removal of trees, brush, and other materials from the land, this type of project requires in-depth planning. Our expert teams take the time to carefully think through and prepare for your land clearing project. Elements we are able to consider and work with include the following:

    • Underground utilities
    • Permits
    • Laws and regulations
    • Environmental and wetlands concerns
    • Intended use of the land
    • Surveying
    • Problem-Solving
    • Equipment and method selection
    • And more

    Trust our team to plan your project from beginning to end and implement it in a way that results in a safe, efficient, and customized preparation of your land for your intended use.

    Land clearing

    Site Cleaning

    Land clearing involves more than just removing trees and brush from the land. It also involves removing waste from the land and potentially completing remediation for issues such as pollution that would keep you from completing your project.

    When you choose Liongate for your land clearing project, you choose experts who will manage your project from beginning to end with attention to detail and concern for every potential issue you face. Trust us with any of the following aspect of your property clearing:

    • Removal of trees, shrubs, and organic debris
    • Pollution remediation
    • Waste removal
    • And more

    At the end of the process, you will have a cleared piece of property ready for the next step in your project.