Tear Down

Why Choose Liongate Tear Down Services?

Seamlessly remove unsafe or unnecessary buildings from your property with professional and personalized tear down services from Liongate. Our team of experts has removed hundreds of buildings in preparation for both residential and commercial projects, and we can offer you the following advantages over other tear down providers:

Heavy Equipment

Our fleet of heavy equipment has every possible tool you will need to complete your tear down. Manned by our experienced operators, this machinery can manage everything from simple sheds to entire buildings.


We do more than just knock down your unwanted buildings. We also manage the permitting and compliance requirements for your project to ensure that the job goes smoothly.


With years of tear down experience, our team is capable of bringing down large and small structures alike. Our commitment to innovative solutions and customer satisfaction also means that we will solve any problem that comes up, no matter how unexpected.

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    Full-Service Tear Downs

    Our tear down services are available for buildings and lots of any size. No building is too big, and no structure is too complex for our experienced, client-centered team to tackle. Trust us with all of the following projects:

    • Homes
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Sheds
    • Outdoor Structures
    • And More

    In addition to taking down structures of all sizes, our team is also equipped to handle every step of the process. From permitting to inspecting the site for hazardous materials, tearing down the structure and cleaning up the site, we take on the entire project so you can focus on the next steps.

    Intelligent Project Planning

    Tear downs of existing structures require in-depth evaluation of the property, structure, and existing laws and regulations. Our team takes on the entire process of planning and executing your tear down. Among the factors we take into consideration in order to ensure a successful outcome are the following:

    • Utilities
    • Permits
    • Laws and regulations
    • Hazardous materials and remediation
    • Safety hazards
    • Problem-solving
    • Equipment and method selection
    • Protection of nearby structures and houses
    • And more

    Let us put the work into planning your tear down while you dream of how to use that property after the existing structure is removed.


    Site Cleaning

    Once your structures are down, we take on the task of clearing the site of the debris. Waste removal leaves your property ready for the next stage of your construction project and ensures that no hazards are left behind for others to encounter.

    In addition to leaving the site clean of any debris related to the torn down structure, we can help you evaluate which, if any, parts of the existing structure are salvageable. You may then recycle, sell, or donate these items. Salvageable items may include any of the following:

    • Flooring
    • Light fixtures
    • Brick
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Posts
    • Toilets
    • And more