10 Facts About Living in McAllen

McAllen is a city in Texas, US. It is one of the cities evolving at a great pace and has become one of the first choices of many new home buyers. It is also the second-largest city in Rio Grande Valley. But what is it like to live in McAllen?

If you are thinking of buying a new home in McAllen, you should know about the city better. Here are ten fun facts about living in McAllen.

1. No Lack of Entertainment

Settling permanently in McAllen means not falling into a pit of monotonous life. To keep your life interesting, it’s essential to find new ways to celebrate each day. McAllen, in this regard, provides all sorts of entertainment.

It has movie theatres, bowling alleys, malls, and places to keep you away from boredom. Stroll in Fireman’s Park, catch a basketball match at State Farm Arena, shop at La Plaza Mall, or spend quality time at McAllen Performing Arts Centre. There’s a lot to do.

2. Education in McAllen is Thriving

Education and employment opportunities are two critical considerations when living in any city. No doubt, McAllen has excellent employment opportunities all around. For your kids, it has some brilliant public schools with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Even for high studies, it is home to several universities like the University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley, South Texas College, Texas State Technical College, and others.

3. Upward Surging Growth Rate

McAllen is thriving in all the right ways. Not only in figures, but it has also continued to maintain stability in terms of job opportunities and economic stability. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has helped McAllen thrive with the expansion of trade.

McAllen is strategically positioned just 12 miles away from the US-Mexico border. This allows for international trade and distribution.

4. Enriched with Festivities and Events

The festival and events keep you going. A city is better when it celebrates its cultural festival and events with full enthusiasm. McAllen is one of them. Casual annual festivals in McAllen are celebrated with all zeal. McAllen lights up and glows differently on festivals, whether it is the Palmfest International Folklife Celebration, the Winter Texans, or the Outdoor Artisan Market.

You can expect to indulge in spree shopping, enjoy live performances, car and animal shows, arts from over 70 artisans, and many more.

5. An Affordable Place to Live

McAllen is also known for its affordability. The property prices at McAllen aren’t sky-high. It’s recorded as the third most affordable place in the US. Where the other popular cities and states of the US are costly in clothing, housing, and food, McAllen’s cost of living is about 16.7% lower than the national average.

It’s affordable by all means. The average cost of property in McAllen costs around $2,00,000, whereas the average monthly rent in McAllen is around $700. Moreover, the city median household income is around $50,000.

6. Great for Buying Custom Homes

McAllen is a great place where custom homes are everywhere. Don’t want to buy a move-in house due to lack of customization? Neither do you have enough strength to build a house from scratch? That’s when custom homes are a perfect choice, and thankfully, there is no shortage of custom home builders in McAllen.

7. McAllen is Safe and Pleasant

Moving into a new city is not easy. To make it less dreading, it is essential to know about the crime level and safety. McAllen is one of such cities that would get past this consideration smoothly. It is amongst the top 10 safest cities in the US. It has lower crime rates, but it is also known for safe driving and less drug usage.

Driving under the influence in the US is common, but McAllen isn’t one of them. This makes McAllen safe from all aspects. Also, McAllen has lovely weather throughout the year. It has a moderate climate and mild winters, just the way it should be.

8. Easy to Access Stores and Malls

The transportation facilities in McAllen are also top-notch. You get easy access to universities, schools, malls, and convenience stores as well.

McAllen is also known for its nightlife, museums, live theatre, art galleries that keep the residents entertained.

9. McAllen Has Good Healthcare Facilities

Any city needs to have good healthcare facilities in the least. You need not rush to the nearby in case of emergencies. Thanks to NAFTA, McAllen is also seeing massive growth in healthcare facilities.

Some good hospitals like South Texas Health System, Las Palmas Healthcare Centre, and others.

10. McAllen is a Family Place

In all, McAllen is a happy place for a family to be. It’s a family-friendly place best for any couple to raise a family in a hygienic and clean environment.

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