Must-Have Pet-Friendly Home Features for 2023

Are you about to adopt a pet or are you already a paw parent? Kudos. Now it might be time to create a home that is as comfortable for your pet as it is for you. You don’t want to restrict your fur baby, nor do you want your home to be a mess. Solution? Adding pet-friendly home features.

In this article, we will explore pet-friendly home trends that are worth considering. Let’s dive in.

Pet-Friendly Home Trends in 2023

Add a pet-wash station

A pet wash station is a designated space in your home where you can bathe your pet and store all of their belongings, such as shampoo, leashes and toys. A pet-wash station can be incorporated into your mudroom, garage, or laundry room, wherever feasible. 

This addition to your space will help you keep the mess of bathing your furry friend under control, and make it easier to clean them up even if they are reluctant to hop in the bathtub. Plus, at the right height, it makes it easy for your animal to hop in without lifting, and keep you from needing to hunch over to wash them up. 

The open station design is comfortable for all pet sizes. However, don’t forget to install a handheld showerhead. This provides the liberty for your pet to move freely. Need another reason to install one of these? You can even use it for quick clean up of dirty boots or a quick watering of your houseplants!

Pup/cat-friendly flooring

Cute tabby cat on wicker pouf indoors

What is pup/cat-friendly flooring? Any flooring that is easy to clean, durable, and waterproof. No carpets! Oakwood, hardwood, tile, and luxury vinyl flooring are all great additions to a home and are pet-friendly. Look for solutions that meet your need for style and your need for something that will withstand dirt, scratches, stains and the wear and tear that come from pet life. 

Pet-friendly spaces

If you have some extra space, consider converting it into a bay window, an enclosed patio, or a deck. You can work with a home builder to come up with additional ways to accommodate pet-friendly spaces in a floor plan that you also love. 

A bay window overlooking your garden or open space is a great place for your pet to relax, have a quick nap, or enjoy the feel of the outside world. It is a solitary place for your cats and pups to be in their world, away from distractions. Plus, it can add a stylish way to enjoy outdoor views for you and your family. 

Similarly, an enclosed patio or deck provides extra space for your pet to lounge around, run, and have fun outdoors while keeping them safe from the dangers of the outside. This space also allows your pet to join you for relaxing outside, enjoying cookouts and entertaining guests without fear that they will run away.  

Hideaway gates and pocket doors

Hideaway retractable gates are custom gates that you can add and remove anywhere in your home at your or your pet’s convenience. They act as a barricade or temporary wall to restrict the pet area.

Pocket doors or sliding doors are also great additions. Not only from the point of view of your pets, but they are also a smart way to utilize space. These doors disappear into the adjacent walls, saving a lot of space. You can slide them out to give privacy to your pet or slide them in to increase the size of your pet’s play area.

Pet ramps

Consider replacing stairs with pet ramps wherever possible. Old pets, especially, find it more convenient to use ramps rather than stairs. Also, pet ramps are a great way to make your pet feel independent.

A funny welsh corgi pembroke dog, sits on a home ramp. Safe of back health in a small dog.

A pet ramp allows pets to conveniently climb anything, like a car, bed, sofa, etc. It’s certainly not possible to be around your pet at all times in order to help them get where they want. For better freedom and accessibility, built-in pet ramps are essential. Just make sure that your pet ramps have side support so your pet doesn’t slip or fall.


A mudroom is a small space near an entryway where people can leave their footwear and coats before entering the house.

You can make special additions to this place if you are a pet owner. This space can be used for your pet to shake off all the dirt and clean their paws before entering the house. This place can also be used as a cleaning area for your dog before they enter the rest of the house.

Another idea would be to turn the mudroom into your pet’s restroom. This can be where your pet eats, drinks, sleeps, and relieves themselves. This ensures the rest of the house remains untouched and clean.

You can also consider adding a sleeping station in the mudroom itself. If not, you can add it wherever your pet loves to spend most of their time. A sleeping station can be anywhere you keep the dog’s bed and feeding bowl. Ideally, ensure the chosen place has an optimum temperature so your pet can sleep well.

Cat shelves/tunnels

A cat shelf is very similar to photo shelves that can be installed on walls. Special cat shelves are available on the market that you can install anywhere. Cats love to jump from one place to another, so these cat shelves serve the purpose well. Some cat shelves can also be used as sleeping and lounging spaces.

two young cat lying on modern cat climbing wallscapes.

Similarly, cat tunnels also make your cats happy. Like a cat sleeping bed, these cat tunnels can be placed almost anywhere in your home and don’t take up much space. These tunnels are collapsible, with peepholes and long tubes for cats to hide and play in. There are a variety of choices you can find online.

If you want to be a step ahead, you can add a permanent wooden cat tunnel with the help of a home designer. 

Built-in pet furniture

While you are adding furniture to your entire home, you can also add furniture specifically for your pet. 

Built-in pet furniture are customized pet beds that can be made of proper upholstery. They can even be made to match the interior of your house. Such built-in pet furniture can also be customized to your pet’s size.

Non-toxic materials

A pet-friendly home should always stay away from toxic materials. Make sure all the additions to your house are non-toxic. Anything that could harm your animal should be avoided to create a safe and secure haven for them.


From mud rooms to cat tunnels and pet-friendly floors to non-toxic materials—you have many options for making your home pet-friendly in McAllen, Tx, in 2023. Interestingly, all these customizations are easy to add to an existing house.

If adding pet-friendly flooring sounds like too much trouble, you can start by making minor improvements, like adding a sleeping station, pet ramps, or cat tunnels. These simple changes are easy to accommodate and will be appreciated by your pet. That said, if you are looking for a professional and reliable home builder in the RGV, look to Liongate Builders. Our focus is on creating a home that meets your, and your pet’s, specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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