What to Consider When Building a Pet-Friendly Custom Home

Pet friendly custom home

Having a pet is a rewarding experience, but one that comes with certain responsibilities. Especially with furry, four-legged friends, you need to dedicate a good amount of your time, effort, and space.

And, if you are building a custom home, it is only fair that you add special amenities that cater to your pets. It not only makes your life easier but also keeps them more comfortable. After all, everybody wants to be loved more!

With the big trends that are developing in the home customization segment lately, it is possible to add any kind of design you like. With a good custom home builder by your side, you can bring any dream into reality.

So, what customizations do you need to consider to make your home pet-friendly? Read on.

Custom Feeding Area

You can build a special feeding space for your pooch with a sliding drawer that can conceal the space when not in use. Pets are part of your family, so why not have them near the dining area with you? Design an open cupboard area at the end of your kitchen cabinetry. You can prevent water and food spills on your flooring.

Consider the size of your pet and get custom bowls fixed so they can eat comfortably. Also, many designs offer feeding stations with in-built food storage.

Dog Washing Station

Pets like cats may not be very enthusiastic about taking a shower, and they can fit in a sink. But for large dogs, you need a separate washing station. You can use human bathing areas to wash off the mess from the pet’s fur, but it can get a tad messy.

Install a pet shower in your utility room, or consider adding a washing area outside the home.  Especially, if your pet enjoys rolling in the mud, an outdoor shower space prevents dirty paw prints all over the floor.

Hidden Litter box

Would you rather have the cat see you do your business in the bathroom or give each other some privacy? Most cat owners tend to put the litter box in the bathrooms. But when you have the option to choose any kind of custom home you wish, there is no reason to compromise.

Besides, when you build a hidden compartment in one of your cabinet spaces or a tunnel in the wall, it will be out of sight. You can also keep the odors away.

Custom Doors and Gates

No need to use the boring baby gates to contain your pets from visiting certain areas of the home. Or, you may be still using the cat flaps that are fixed into your door. You can install custom doors and gates that are more attractive and can section off the pets when they are alone at home. Sliding pocket doors or swing gates are particularly effective in achieving this purpose. If your budget permits, you may invest in motion sensors that open the doors when the pet is nearby.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pets tend to use your flooring as scratchboards. Some types of flooring can absorb stains from pet accidents. Either way, you may be left with a damaged floor. Besides, you cannot even use carpets for various reasons, such as allergens.

If you have decided to use hardwood floors, select a kind that has a higher hardness level since a soft variety is highly vulnerable. Scratch-resistant and stain-free flooring types include bamboo, stone tile, and luxury vinyl, which are becoming increasingly popular by the day.

Designated Pet Areas

One big trend for pet-friendly home designs is adding personal areas for your critters. Having a place that they call their own fills them with joy and a sense of excitement. Since most homeowners with pets already buy separate beds and toys for their furry friends, you may think of making the spaces unique.

For instance, rather than having a portable or temporary playpen for the pet, use the space under the stairs. Convert any awkward space into the pet’s room, complete with a bed, feeding area, and storage.

Apart from the above, you can add outdoor elements on your property to keep your pets safe and cozy. Some additions may include fences, ramps, and play areas.

Do not wait until you start the construction to decide which pet-friendly features to add. Speak to your custom home builder and the designing team to help you with the options.

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